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About Medicare & Supplemental Insurance

Let Us Help You Navigate Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare supplement plans, or Medigap plans, are insurance plans to provide health coverage to you in addition to what your original parts of Medicare offer. There are 12 standard plans sold by private insurance groups, whose costs can vary depending on the health care provider.

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Supplemental Insurance Options

While Medicare coverage helps defray much of the cost of medical expenses, it is not full coverage, and supplemental insurance, often referred to as Medigap,  is typically required to bridge the gap.

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Medicare Advantage Plans

You can choose to join a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO or PPO) if one’s available in your area.  Before choosing to go with an Advantage Plan you’ll want to consider all your options.  We can help you compare all the plans available to you.

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Medicare Part A

Part A is the “hospital” portion of Medicare and is provided by Medicare.  This portion is not sold by companies, its part of the coverage you receive when first signing up for Medicare.

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Medicare Part D

Part D is the prescription drug portion of Medicare, but is provided by various companies to cover medications.  This portion of Medicare health coverage you will purchase from an insurance company like Steve Richardt Medicare Supplement Insurance company. 

Why choose Medicare Supplements For You?

We’re Your Advocate

Navigaiting insurance policies can be overwhelming.  Agent, Steve Richardt will work with you to find the best policies.

Licensed Experience

Steve Richardt is a licensed  insurance agent, who has spent years studying Medicare and supplemental insurance policies.

Best Pricing

Steve Richardt will work to find you the policy you need at the best price.  By choosing the policy that includes what you need to cover Medicare coverage gaps you’ll save on out-of-pocket costs.

We’ll Be In Contact

Long after you’ve purchased your policy, Steve Richardt will remain in contact keeping you informed on Medicare changes.

30+ Years Experience

Steve Richardt has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry.  His experience will help guide you in choosing the best policy to fit your needs.

Superior Customer Service

You’re not an account number to us.  We treat all of our customers like we would want to be treated.  If you have questions or need assistance you can be assured you’re always going to get a quick call back.

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